When is watermelon season?

When is watermelon season?

Watermelon season changes per state. You can find the right watermelon season for your state in the following chart. Florida has an early watermelon season, between April and July. Watermelon season in Georgia is between June and September. Texas has a long watermelon season between May and November. A couple of months later, California kicks in between July and November. If you like to purchase locally produced watermelons.

Watermelon is a fresh treat, a perfect dessert after a summer barbecue and above everything (you ladies!) a guilt-free pleasure, as it contains very few calories. We love to add it to our after gym smoothies and it’s also one of the most handsome fruits.

Is watermelon available all year round?

Watermelons are available all year round, but that doesn’t mean they are in season. Why buy them in season? Because they are cheaper and tastier! Look at the table to see when it is the best time to buy a watermelon.

What month is watermelon month?

July is watermelon month! Who doesn’t love a fresh watermelon in the summer!

When is watermelon season per state

StateWatermelons in season
AlabamaJune till September
ArizonaMay till November
Arkansasmid-July till September
CaliforniaJuly till November
ColoradoSeptember till mid-October
ConnecticutAugust till October
DelawareJuly till October
FloridaApril till July and December
GeorgiaJune till September
HawaiiJune till September
IdahoJune till August
IllinoisJune till September
Indianamid-July till mid-October
IowaJune till August
Kansasmid-June till mid-October
KentuckyAugust till September
LouisianaJune till November
MaineAugust till September
Marylandmid-July till mid-October
MassachusettsAugust till October
MichiganAugust till October
MinnesotaAugust till September
MississippiJune till August
MissouriJune till October
MontanaAugust till September
NebraskaJuly till October
NevadaJune till November
New HampshireAugust till September
New JerseyAugust till October
New MexicoJuly till September
New YorkSeptember till October
North CarolinaJuly till August
North DakotaAugust till September
Ohiomid-August till mid-October
Oklahomamid-June till October
OregonJuly till September
PennsylvaniaJuly till October
Rhode Islandmid-july till mid-October
South CarolinaJuly till August
South DakotaAugust till September
TennesseeJuly till September
TexasMay till November
UtahSeptember till mid-October
VermontAugust till September
VirginiaJuly till mid-September
WashingtonAugust till October
West VirginiaAugust till September
WisconsinAugust till mid-October
WyomingAugust till September
Use the numbers to see the rest of the states.

There are many ways to eat watermelons, add them to any salad, pickle them, spice them or make the easiest and healthiest pops. And they are great with fresh seafood too! Because it’s so easy to store them at home and because you can keep them in different ways for a while, they are a very easy fruit to upgrade almost any moment of the day (even the cocktail time). 

We know it, it’s difficult to know which watermelon is in the perfect ripe. If you feel the ends are softer and if you can hear a dull sound by thumping it, it’s good to go. Enjoy it!

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