When is carrot season?

When is carrot season?

The carrot season takes place between July and November in Colorado, Connecticut, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming. But for those who are obsessed with this vegetable, can find it in all 4-seasons in Alabama, Arizona, Hawaii, California, Mississippi, Nevada, Texas and Virginia.

Luckily, this healthiest vegetable is almost always available. But let’s see the carrot seasonality in a chart.

StateCarrots in season
AlabamaJanuary till December
AlaskaAugust till November
ArizonaJanuary till December
ArkansasMay till June and November
CaliforniaJanuary till December
ColoradoJuly till November
ConnecticutJuly till November
Delawaremid-July till September
FloridaApril till May
GeorgiaJanuary till June and October till December
HawaiiJanuary till December
IdahoJuly till October
IllinoisJune till September
Indianamid-July till mid-November
IowaJune till October
Kansasmid-September till mid-December
KentuckyJuly till November
LouisianaJanuary till May and mid-October till December
MaineJuly till November
MarylandJuly till mid-September
MassachusettsJuly till November
Michiganmid-July till mid-December
MinnesotaJuly till November
MississippiJanuary till December
MissouriJune till September
MontanaJune till September
NebraskaJune till December
NevadaJanuary till December
New HampshireJuly till September
New JerseyJune till September
New MexicoJanuary till March and mid-June till December
New YorkJuly till November
North Carolinamid-January and mid-December
North DakotaJuly till November
Ohiomid-July till October
Oklahomamid-February till July
OregonJuly till December
PennsylvaniaJuly till December
Rhode Islandmid-July till December
South CarolinaJanuary till May and October till December
South DakotaAugust till mid-November
TennesseeMay till June and October till December
TexasJanuary till December
UtahAugust till November
VermontJuly till November
VirginiaJanuary till December
WashingtonJune till October
West VirginiaJuly till October
WisconsinJuly till November
WyomingMay till November

Carrots health benefits

Afghanistan is considered the homeland of plants from the umbrella family. Carrots contain a lot of vitamin A and beta-carotene, on which both the metabolism in the body and the appearance of a person depends.  

Carrots improve blood circulation, help with anemia, and lower cholesterol levels. In addition, doctors often prescribe carrot juice as a general tonic for the prevention of vitamin deficiency, colds, and viral infections. Carrots in the daily diet, in the absence of contraindications, strengthens the immune system, cleanses the body of toxins, and rejuvenates it.  

How to eat carrots

Carrot dishes are recognized by culinary experts of all countries. They are not only tasty, healthy but also easy to digest. Therefore, carrots are always present even in baby food. And dishes for adults using carrots are simply hard to count: salads, soups, side dishes, delicacies, sauces, spices, marinades, flour products. 

Many canned vegetables, meat, and fish preserves and, of course, vegetable juices cannot do without carrots.

Thicker and shorter carrots are juicier and ideal for squeezing juices and preparing salads. Thinner and longer roots require heat treatment. It is better to cook them, stew, cook cutlets, puddings, and casseroles from them.

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