When is pear season?

The largest cultivation of pears takes place in California, with a long pear season from August until March. Late summer/early fall is pear season in New York, where you can find this fruit from August to October. Michigan has a short pear season starting by mid-August and for only a month and a half.

The United States is the biggest pears-producing country in the world. If you like to find locally produced pears in season close by you, you can revise the full American seasonality in the following chart.

StatePears in season
AlabamaAugust till November
AlaskaAugust till September
ArkansasAugust till November
CaliforniaJanuary till February and August till December
ColoradoAugust till October
ConnecticutAugust till December
DelawareAugust till December
GeorgiaAugust till November
IdahoSeptember till November
IllinoisAugust till October
IndianaAugust till October
IowaAugust till September
KansasJuly till November
Kentuckymid-August till November
Louisianamid-July till September
Mainemid-August till October
Marylandmid-August till October
MassachusettsSeptember till mid-November
Michiganmid-August till September
MinnesotaSeptember till October
MississippiAugust till mid-November
MissouriJuly till November
MontanaSeptember till October
NebraskaAugust till October
NevadaAugust till October
New HampshireAugust till October
New JerseyAugust till mid-September
New MexicoAugust till October
New YorkAugust till October
North CarolinaAugust till October
North DakotaAugust till mid-October
OhioAugust till October
OklahomaAugust till October
OregonAugust till November
PennsylvaniaAugust till October
Rhode IslandAugust till October
South CarolinaAugust till October
South DakotaAugust till mid-October
TennesseeSeptember till October
TexasJune till September
Utahmid-July till August
VermontAugust till October
VirginiaJuly till October
WashingtonAugust till November
West VirginiaAugust till October
Wisconsinmid-July till mid-October
WyomingAugust till October

With such a sexy shape and silky skin, pears are a sweet delight and an original replacement for apples when you want a more particular taste and a softer texture in your traditional preparations. This will aid in adding some diversity in your kitchen, which is a number one priority if we want to keep healthy but fun eating habits as a lifestyle. Eating healthy shall be a pleasure!

But it’s not all about sexy shapes, textures and smells. There are some other good reasons to include pears in our diet. They are a very healthy ingredient as they contain some particular nutrients that you can find in a few products, such as potassium, folate, copper and polyphenol antioxidants. Their high fiber and water content make them great to reduce your appetite in between meals, while they promote your gut health too due to the prebiotics content.

Pears invite you to make the most attractive recipes. You can show off by preparing them in a salad with Roquefort cheese and walnuts; making a sweet and savory winter preparation by roasting them with sprouts or baking the most inviting pies.

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