When is cherry season?

When is cherry season?

Three states provide most of the cherries in our country. Cherry season in California lasts from April until July, Oregon Joins in June, for two months and Washington is in season from June to August. If you want to see when is the cherry-picking season in your state, please have a look at the following table.

Cherry season table

StateCherries in season
AlabamaJune and July
AlaskaJune and July
ArkansasJune and July
CaliforniaApril till July
Coloradomid-June till October
Connecticutmid-June till July
DelawareJune and July
FloridaJune and July
HawaiiJune and July
IdahoJune and July
IllinoisMay till July
Indianamid-June till mid-July
IowaJune and July
Kansasmid-May till mid-August
KentuckyJune and July
LouisianaJune and July
MaineJune and July
MarylandJune and July
MassachusettsLate June
Michiganmid-June till mid-August
Minnesotamid-June till mid-July
MississippiJune and July
Missourimid-May till mid-July
Montanamid-July till August
NebraskaJune and July
New HampshireJune and July
New JerseyJune
New MexicoJuly
New York mid-June till July
North CarolinaMay till July
North DakotaJuly and August
OhioJune and July
OklahomaJune and July
OregonJune and July
PennsylvaniaJune and July
Rhode IslandJune and July
South CarolinaJune and July
South DakotaJune and July
TennesseeJune and July
TexasJune and July
Utahmid-June till mid-August
VermontJune and July
VirginiaMay till August
WashingtonJune till August
West VirginiaJune and July
Wisconsinmid-June till July
WyomingJune till July

One of the many reasons the cherry season is baffling is the changes in supply periods that accompany it year in and year out. Because of that, it might be tricky to pinpoint when are cherries in season. But, generally speaking, this fruit has one of the shortest peak seasons compared to other fruits and vegetables. 

The cherries’ season is influenced by various factors such as rain, the cherry species, its particular growing conditions and sunlight. The cherry species influence harvest seasons because sweet cherry varieties are ready for harvest a few weeks earlier than the sour varieties. Unlike many fruits, the water intake of the cherry tree plays a vital role in its harvest season.

When are cherries in season?

Cherry’s peak season usually starts as early as April in areas such as California. It runs through July for most of them, with most states only experiencing it in June and July. An exception is Colorado, where the season lasts from mid-June to October. Once they bloom, they ripe in a period of between 55 to 90 days maximum. The already stated factors influence that period.

When is the best moment to eat cherries?

Eating them during summer is advisable because there are plenty and they are relatively cheap. This is also when you will get the biggest and the freshest produce.

Ripe cherries are usually round, and the color varies from red to darker shades. They are also shiny, firm yet juicy, soft and plump. That is what you should look for. 

The sweet varieties are best for eating, just like any other fruit. In contrast, the sour or tart types are perfect for inclusion in recipes such as cherry pie.

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