When is cherry season?

Three states provide most of the cherries in our country. Cherry season in California lasts from April until July, Oregon Joins in June, for two months and Washington is in season from June to August. If you want to see when is the cherry-picking season in your state, please have a look at the following table.

Cherry season table

StateCherries in season
AlabamaJune and July
AlaskaJune and July
ArkansasJune and July
CaliforniaApril till July
Coloradomid-June till October
Connecticutmid-June till July
DelawareJune and July
FloridaJune and July
HawaiiJune and July
IdahoJune and July
IllinoisMay till July
Indianamid-June till mid-July
IowaJune and July
Kansasmid-May till mid-August
KentuckyJune and July
LouisianaJune and July
MaineJune and July
MarylandJune and July
MassachusettsLate June
Michiganmid-June till mid-August
Minnesotamid-June till mid-July
MississippiJune and July
Missourimid-May till mid-July
Montanamid-July till August
NebraskaJune and July
New HampshireJune and July
New JerseyJune
New MexicoJuly
New York mid-June till July
North CarolinaMay till July
North DakotaJuly and August
OhioJune and July
OklahomaJune and July
OregonJune and July
PennsylvaniaJune and July
Rhode IslandJune and July
South CarolinaJune and July
South DakotaJune and July
TennesseeJune and July
TexasJune and July
Utahmid-June till mid-August
VermontJune and July
VirginiaMay till August
WashingtonJune till August
West VirginiaJune and July
Wisconsinmid-June till July
WyomingJune till July

Cherries are arguably among the most iconic fruits (Iโ€™m sure you can recall some brand, cocktail, or movie scene). The top of the pie or the cocktail. Before buying cherries, please keep in mind that they do not last long after they are ripe, so it’s better if we buy them locally and eat them soon (or freeze, dry, or prepare jam to preserve them and eat them out of the season).

Cherry health benefits

As most of the red fruits, cherries have powerful antioxidant properties which are a great ally against aging and neurological diseases and furthermost, cancer. They are also a rich source of minerals (like zinc, iron, potassium, manganese, and -surprisingly- copper), vitamins, and phytonutrients. Their anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce heart disease risks. They have some very particular properties too. They can protect you against diabetes. They are one of the few natural sources of melatonin, helping your sleep, and they can decrease uric acid levels in your body, helping those persons with gout.

Because of these reasons, shall not surprise you to find cherry-based powder and capsules in most health stores. But itโ€™s so much more fun to add them to your preparations! During the season, you can eat them fresh in any salad or make a cherry barbecue sauce to combine with poultry plates or meat. Out of the season, you can add dried cherries to baked goods, pies, pair dried cherries with dark chocolate chips, or add frozen cherries to your favorite smoothie!

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