When is blueberry season?

You can find locally produced blueberries in America from April to October. The first blueberries of the year ripe during April and May in Florida. Blueberry season in California and in Texas will follow, from May to July in both states. The season in New Jersey brings a huge production filling the stores between late June and August.

Given that you can find this awesome fruit locally in every and each state of America, best to purchase it from your favorite local producer! You can find the right blueberries picking season close by you in the following chart.

Blueberry season table

StateBlueberries in Season
Alabamamid-May till mid-August
Alaskamid-July till mid-September
ArizonaJune till mid-July
ArkansasJune and July
CaliforniaMay till July
ColoradoJune till August
ConnecticutJuly and August
Delawaremid-June till August
FloridaApril and May
GeorgiaJune till August
HawaiiApril and May
IdahoAugust and September
IllinoisJune till September
Indianamid-June till mid-September
Iowamid-June till mid-August
Kansas July till mid-August
KentuckyJuly and August
LouisianaMay and June
Mainemid-July till October
MarylandJune till August
MassachusettsJune till September
Michiganmid-July till mid-September
MinnesotaJuly and August
Mississippimid-May till July
MissouriJune till mid-October
MontanaJuly till mid-August
NebraskaJuly till mid-August
NevadaAugust and September
New Hampshiremid-July till September
New Jerseymid-June till mid-August
New MexicoJune till mid-July
New Yorkmid-July till September
North Carolinamid-May till mid-July
North DakotaJuly and August
Ohiomid-June till mid-September
OklahomaMay till July
OregonJuly till September
Pennsylvaniamid-July till September
Rhode Islandmid-July till October
South CarolinaJune and July
South DakotaJuly till mid-August
TennesseeJune till August
TexasMay till July
UtahJune till August
VermontJuly till October
VirginiaJune till August
WashingtonJuly till September
West VirginiaJuly and August
WisconsinJuly till mid-August
WyomingJuly till mid-August

Besides being super healthy, they are the easiest and tastiest snack. They are also an awesome blend with your sweet and savory preparations, meatballs with blueberries are our favorite! If you like baking, you shall try making a blueberry maple for breakfast or a delicious blueberry brie pull-apart bread for the evening. Our favorite? Blueberry chutney with almonds, it’s the best match with any grilled meat or chicken.

Blueberry benefits

There are excellent reasons for all specialists in the matter to consider this fruit between the top five superfoods. Blueberries are packed with antioxidants and phytochemicals, reducing DNA damage, this is key when it comes to aging and cancer. Because they are rich in anthocyanins, they will help your body against heart disease and keeping your blood pressure low. They are also an awesome natural anti-inflammatory. To top up all this magic, they contain many of the minerals and vitamins that you need to keep your immune system strong.

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