When is cucumber season?

When is cucumber season?

Cucumber is the lowest calorie and most watery vegetable, as it is 96% water. You can find this vegetable in almost all states in the June-September period. In Arizona, it is cucumber season all year round. For those who would like to eat cucumbers in the winter season, Texas and Florida are waiting for you.

Cucumber season chart

StateCucumber in season
Alabamamid-May till mid-November
AlaskaJune till October
ArizonaJanuary till December
ArkansasMay till mid-October
CaliforniaApril till November
ColoradoMay till November
Connecticutmid-June till September
DelawareJune till October
FloridaMarch till May – October till December
GeorgiaJune till August
HawaiiApril till August
IdahoJuly till September
IllinoisAugust till October
Indianamid-June till mid-September
IowaJuly till mid-October
Kansasmid-June till October
KentuckyJuly till September
Louisianamid-May till November
Mainemid-July till September
MarylandJuly till September
MassachusettsJune till August
Michiganmid-July till mid-September
MinnesotaJuly till September
Mississippimid-May till July
MissouriMay till October
MontanaJuly till mid-October
NebraskaJuly till September
NevadaJune till October
New Hampshiremid-July till September
New Jerseymid-June till mid-September
New MexicoJuly till October
New Yorkmid-August till mid-November
North CarolinaJune till mid-November
North DakotaJuly till September
Ohiomid-June till mid-October
OklahomaMay till October
OregonJuly till October
PennsylvaniaJuly till September
Rhode IslandJuly till October
South CarolinaMay, June and October
South Dakotamid-July till September
TennesseeJune till September
TexasApril till December
UtahJuly till mid-September
VermontAugust till October
VirginiaJune till October
WashingtonJune till October
West VirginiaJune till September
Wisconsinmid-July till mid-October
WyomingJuly till mid-October

Cultivated cucumbers appeared in the hot countries of the East – India, and China – more than 6 thousand years ago. Cucumbers are very healthy, they contain potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, iodine, in small quantities, there are also essential vitamins in cucumbers: carotene, B2, B1, PP, pantothenic acid, B6, C, and others. Therefore, in terms of useful and medicinal properties, cucumbers are not inferior to carrots, tomatoes, onions, and even citrus fruits.

Cucumber is not only tasty and healthy but it is also used in care products for the skin. Cucumbers have good cosmetic properties, which makes them widely used as a skincare cosmetic.

This multifunctional vegetable can also be used in the kitchen. Cucumbers are traditionally used in salads, as well as pickled and salted. Also, savory snacks, light soups, and tender sauces are made from fresh, pickled, and pickled cucumbers. In oriental cuisine, cucumbers are often fried. Fried cucumbers are very similar to fried zucchini, but they are more acidic.

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