When is cabbage in season?

When is cabbage season?

The cabbage season in Alaska, Arkansas, Southern California, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Utah, Wyoming South Dakota, and Oregon takes place in the June-November period. In winter you will find cabbage in Arizona, Northern California, Florida, Hawaii, Missouri, and New York.

StateCabbage in season
AlabamaMid-April till Mid-August and September till Mid-October
AlaskaJuly till November
ArizonaJanuary till December
ArkansasJanuary, May till June and November till December
Northern CaliforniaJanuary till December
Southern CaliforniaJanuary till June and October till December
ColoradoMid-July till October
ConnecticutJuly till Mid-October
DelawareJune till November
North FloridaJanuary till April and September till December
South FloridaJanuary and April till May
GeorgiaMay till September
HawaiiJanuary till August
IdahoJuly till November
IllinoisMay till July and September till November
IndianaMid-May till October
IowaJune till October
Kansasmid-May till mid-August and mid-September till mid-November
KentuckyJune till mid-July, October till November
Louisianamid-January till May and mid-October till December
MaineJuly till October
MarylandJune till September
MassachusettsJune till November
MichiganJuly till mid-August and mid-October till November
MinnesotaJune till October
MississippiJanuary, April till mid-June and October till December
MissouriMay till mid-August and mid-September till mid-November
MontanaJune till October
NebraskaJune till December
NevadaApril till May and July till September
New HampshireJuly till October
New JerseyJune till mid-November
New MexicoJune till December
New Yorkmid-June and July till mid-December
North CarolinaMay till mid-December
North DakotaJuly till November
Ohiomid-May till mid-November
OklahomaMay till July
OregonJuly till October
PennsylvaniaMay till December
Rhode IslandJanuary till February, mid-June and July till December
South CarolinaApril till June
South DakotaJune till November
TennesseeApril till November
TexasJanuary till December
Utahmid-July till November
VermontJune till November
VirginiaJune till November
WashingtonJuly till December
West VirginiaJuly till September
Wisconsinmid-June and July till mid-November
WyomingJune till November

Cabbage is very useful for health purposes, it is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals, and also tastes good! Cabbage contains all the nutrients necessary for a complete human life. It has a beneficial effect on metabolic processes and has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. Moreover, the dietary fiber in cabbage perfectly removes cholesterol from the human body.

Cabbage is full of vitamins and minerals. This winter vegetable provides immune-boosting vitamin C more effectively than an equal amount of lemons. It also contains vitamins A, B, E, and K, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Not to mention secondary phytochemicals, fiber, and nearly five percent protein.

Due to its high water content and low sugar content, one hundred grams of cabbage does not even add 50 calories to the energy bill. In addition, cabbage contains substances that bind bile acid and remove undigested fat from the body. Light steaming even enhances this property.

Cabbage is a very healthy and tasty product. Soups, casseroles, pies, salads, and cabbage rolls are made from it. By the way, cabbage chips are very popular in New York at the moment. Cooked with spices and a little oil, cabbage leaves remain very healthy and retain important carotenoids.

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