When is mushroom season?

When is mushroom season?

We can have fresh mushrooms all year round in most American states. Pennsylvania is the biggest producer of Edible Mushrooms throughout the year from January till December. If you wish to get your hands over the freshly harvested and locally produced mushrooms, check out the following chart to find out the mushroom season in your area.

StateMushrooms in season
AlabamaMarch till November
AlaskaJanuary till December
ArizonaJanuary till December
ArkansasMarch till October
CaliforniaJanuary till December
ColoradoMay till November
ConnecticutJanuary till December
DelawareJanuary till September
FloridaJanuary till December
GeorgiaJanuary till December
HawaiiJanuary till December
IdahoJanury till mid-December
IllinoisJanuary till December
IndianaApril till November
IowaMay till October
KansasJanuary till December
KentuckyJanuary till December
LouisianaJanuary till April and October till December
MaineJanuary till December
MarylandJanuary till December
MassachusettsJanuary till December
MichiganJanury till mid-December
MinnesotaJanuary till December
MississippiMarch till November
MissouriMarch till October
MontanaJanuary till December
NebraskaApril till December
NevadaMarch till November
New HampshireJanuary till December
New JerseyMarch till November
New MexicoMarch till May and September till November
New YorkMarch till November
North CarolinaMarch till June and mid-September till November
North DakotaJuly till September
OhioJanuary till December
OklahomaMarch till November
OregonJanuary till December
PennsylvaniaJanuary till December
Rhode IslandJanuary till December
South CarolinaJanuary till December
South DakotaJanuary till December
TennesseeJanuary till December
TexasJanuary till December
UtahMarch till mid-November
VermontJanuary till December
VirginiaJanuary till December
WashingtonJanuary till December
West VirginiaMay till June and September till October
WisconsinJanuary till December
WyomingJanuary till December

Mushrooms can definitely upgrade any of our meals. Picking them can be so much fun, but watch out! We need to be super careful and study the matter, some are poisonous and you need to know what you are doing very well! Luckily, there are people out there “cultivating” them for us, so we can get them fresh, dried or canned in any store. Of course, fresh or dried are best.

All types of edible mushrooms are high in fiber and diverse kinds of proteins. They also contain vitamin B as well as a powerful antioxidant called selenium, which helps to build a strong immune system. In particular, white button mushrooms are one of the few sources of vitamin D (the one you get from a sunbath!). They can potentially protect against cancer and Alzheimer and they are packed with potassium.

Another great reason to eat mushrooms is that they are so delicious and fun to cook! You can make the tastiest soup, stuffed cream cheese mushrooms, or if you like to up the game, a creamy mushroom meatloaf.

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