When is broccoli season?

Broccoli is cultivated throughout America. California is the biggest producer and providing the stores during the twelve months. Broccoli season in Texas is from December until May and in Arizona from October to March.  As this incredibly healthy veggie is locally produced in most American states, you may purchase it off the shelves of your nearest local producers.

StateBroccoli in season
Alabamamid-May till mid-August
AlaskaJune till September
ArizonaJanuary till March and October till December
ArkansasMay till July, November till December
CaliforniaJanuary till December
ColoradoJune till mid-October
ConnecticutJuly till mid-October
DelawareJune till August
FloridaJanuary till March
GeorgiaMay till June and October till December
HawaiiJanuary till March, September till December
IdahoAugust till November
IllinoisMarch till April and June till October
Indianamid-May till mid-July, mid-September till mid-October
IowaJune till October
Kansasmid-May till mid-August and mid-September till mid-December
KentuckyJune till mid-July, October till November
LouisianaJanuary till May and October till December
Mainemid-June till October
MarylandJuly till mid-November
MassachusettsJuly till mid-November
Michiganmid-June till mid-November
MinnesotaJune till October
Mississippimid-April till May and October till December
MissouriMay till July, September till mid-December
NebraskaJune till October
NevadaApril till May, July till September and November till December
New Hampshiremid-June till September
New JerseyJune till October
New MexicoJune and September till November
New YorkJune till November
North CarolinaApril till May
North DakotaJune till July
OhioJune till mid-July, September till mid-October
OklahomaApril till June
OregonJune till December
PennsylvaniaJune till July and September till November
Rhode IslandJune till October
South CarolinaMay till July, October till December
South DakotaJune till October
TennesseeApril till June and December
TexasJanuary till May, December
UtahJune till August
VermontMay till November
VirginiaSeptember till November
WashingtonJune till November
West VirginiaJune till July
Wisconsinmid-June till mid-October
WyomingJune till October

Luckily, it’s very easy to include broccoli in your diet. If you want a super healthy preparation, you can make detox spinach and broccoli soup, but you can go for a richer preparation as a cheese broccoli creamy soup. You can also replace unhealthy snacks with broccoli bites or include them in a vegetarian lasagna.

Broccoli health benefits

Broccoli is packed with vitamins and minerals, including folate, potassium, manganese, iron, and vitamins C and K1. It has way more proteins than most vegetables; thanks to this and the high content of fiber and water, it gives a filling sensation, helping in weight loss diets. It also has high antioxidants content and helps to keep your blood pressure low.

Broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables and the first we think of once we want to go for good eating habits. Super easy to cook, containing a lot of water and with a rich taste, it’s our very best ally to eat simple, tasty and healthy.

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