There are very good reasons to eat more local, seasonal food. If you can produce it to buy organic, even better! But just with making the right choice regarding where you live or the time of the year, you will make a big difference.

If you eat seasonal local food, you will reduce your CO2 footprint a big deal because those fruits and veggies don’t need to travel very long distances from the other side of the country (or the world) to your plate.

By choosing seasonal food produced close by you, you will support the local economy. It feels great to make a positive impact in the overall wellbeing in your area just by… eating.

And what about your own costs? You will save some bucks too. Only make sure to choose the seasonal fruits and veggies, they cost less at the right moment of the year.

Seasonal food is not only tastier and fresher, but it’s also better for your health. Seasonal fruits are not only more nutritious but because they are in the best ripe; they have the right things your body needs in each season.

Want to join us with this smart, fun and healthy eating?

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