When is it in the season?

Pick your favorite fruit or vegetable.


For those who love fruits, there is nothing more delicious than a mature, juicy, local fruit disintegrating in our mouth. Some of us, nostalgic, keep the memory of those good old times when you could find watermelons only during the right month and we expectantly waited for the strawberry season… That was the best one! Nowadays you can find all the fruits and vegetables all year round in most supermarkets, not that tasty though.

For those who are not such fruits lovers (or they think they are not), what if you try an organic ripe strawberry with whipped cream? And what about a real tomato with cheese and olive oil? I’m sure you will change your mind and revise including more locally produced fruits and veggies in your diet! But besides the taste or fun, there are very good reasons to eat seasonal local fruits and vegetables, starting with your health.

Time goes by and life moves fast in the big cities. We normally don’t allow much time for groceries and want to solve dinner as quick and as easily as possible. We slowly forget about eating the right thing at the right time of the year.

Eating seasonally, locally produced food does not have to be more complicated, not at all! Just follow a few calendars. No excuses, we provide them here for you, so you can easily check when to eat what!

If you are not a real foodie or don’t like cooking, you can always make the orders to the farmers in your area online or subscribe for complete meal ingredients (or even already prepared meals).

But isn’t it boring to eat much of the same for a while? Eating seasonal food is not boring at all! All the contrary. Whenever a particular ingredient goes out of season, you know that another delicious food has come back into season to delight us all. This is not about abstinence but diversity and fun.