When is grape season?

California is the biggest grapes producer in America (and a world-famous winery state). Grape season in California is between May and December. Washington has a shorter production, starting in August and finishing in October and Oregon has a two months season starting in September. If you like to purchase them seasonally and locally, you can find the right grape season in the following chart.

StateGrapes in season
Alabamamid-July till mid-October
AlaskaJuly till August
ArizonaMay till September
ArkansasJuly till September
CaliforniaMay till December
ColoradoSeptember till October
Connecticutmid-August till October
DelawareSeptember till October
FloridaAugust till September
GeorgiaJuly till October
Hawaiimid-July till mid-September
IdahoSeptember till October
IllinoisJuly till October
Indianamid-June till mid-October
IowaJuly till September
KansasJuly till October
KentuckyAugust till September
Louisianamid-June till mid-October
Mainemid-September till October
Marylandmid-August till September
Massachusettsmid-August till October
MichiganSeptember till mid-October
Minnesotamid-August till September
Mississippimid-June till October
MissouriJuly till October
NebraskaJuly till September
NevadaJuly till September
New Hampshiremid-September till October
New Jerseymid-August till September
New MexicoAugust till October
New Yorkmid-August till October
North CarolinaAugust till September
North DakotaAugust till September
OhioAugust till September
OklahomaJuly till September
OregonSeptember till October
Rhode IslandSeptember till October
South CarolinaSeptember till November
South Dakotamid-August till September
TennesseeJuly till October
TexasJuly till October
Utahmid-August till September
Vermontmid-September till October
VirginiaAugust till October
WashingtonAugust till October
West VirginiaAugust till September
Wisconsinmid-August till mid-September
WyomingAugust till September

Another fruit full of art and symbolism, grapes are arguably the most honored fruit since ancient times. Present in religious symbols and tales, they are represented throughout art history in the hands of the victorious, beautiful, and strong characters in all sorts of paintings and sculptures. Some Latino countries keep the tradition of eating twelve grapes in the last 12 seconds of the year while thinking of good wishes to bring luck in the year to start. And of course, we owe them one of the biggest pleasures humankind has invented, wine.

Although we can eat them as candies and the sweetness can compare to them, grapes are very healthy snacks! Low calories, high content of fiber and water, packed with antioxidants and great against infections, it’s the best you can opt for when you are into binge eating. Besides consuming them fresh (sometimes we didn’t leave the store and already grabbing some along the way!), we can prepare the most delicious cocktails, make outrageous salsas (as mixed with avocado), caramelize them, frost them or add them to our favorite salad. To top it up, we can get as creative as we want, as there are so different sorts and colors and sizes!

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