When is asparagus season?

When is asparagus season?

Asparagus are produced in California from February, Washington’s production joins in April, and Michigan in May, all of them finishing going out of season in June. Better to get them locally, please find the asparagus season close to you in the following chart.

Asparagus season

StateAsparagus in season
AlabamaMarch till June
Alaskamid-May till June
ArizonaFebruary till May
ArkansasApril and May
CaliforniaFebruary till June
ColoradoMay and June
Connecticutmid-May till June
DelawareApril till June
FloridaFebruary till mid-April
Georgiamid-March till June
HawaiiFebruary till mid-April
IdahoApril and May
IllinoisApril till June
Indianamid-April till mid-June
IowaMay and June
Kansasmid-March till mid-June
Kentuckymid-April till June
LouisianaFebruary till mid-June
MaineMay and June
Marylandmid-April till mid-June
MichiganMay and June
MinnesotaMay till July
Mississippimid-March till June
MissouriMarch till June
NebraskaApril till June
NevadaMarch till June
New HampshireMay till mid-July
New Jersey mid-April till June
New MexicoMay and June
New YorkMay till mid-June
North CarolinaMarch and April
North DakotaApril and May
Ohiomid-April till mid-July
OklahomaMarch till June
OregonApril till June
PennsylvaniaApril till Junesouth Dakota
Rhode Islandmid-April till mid-July
South Carolinamid-March till Maysouth
South DakotaMay and June
TennesseeApril and May
TexasMarch and April
Utah May and June
VermontMay and June
Virginiamid-April till mid-June
WashingtonApril till June
West VirginiaMay and June
WisconsinMay till mid-June
WyomingApril till June

Asparagus is usually available all year-round. However, like most produce, it also has a peak season. The vegetable is harvested generally from the onset of February through the end of May to mid-June. Some states start harvesting asparagus as late as April, but it is typically during spring.

Asparagus season lasts for approximately 100 days, with most produce harvested in April and May. Above is a chart that breaks down asparagus seasons in various states.

Eating asparagus in season comes with a lot of benefits. The first one is that you have more choices. There are different asparagus grades, which are jumbo, standard, colossal, small, and large. All these grades are available in the season compared to other times of the year when the offer is limited.

When asparagus is out of season, you will likely find the green asparagus at your local store. On the other hand, you will find both white and purple asparagus during peak season. White asparagus is no different from the green one; it is grown in little to no light. It is hard to find during off-peak months, but you are guaranteed to enjoy it when in season.

When in good condition, asparagus has a sweet, grassy taste. When stored for commercial purposes, the vegetable loses most of its flavor and nutrients. Additionally, it becomes less healthy and wrinkles. You can avoid all that hustle by enjoying this vegetable during its peak season when it is fresh and healthy.
Many states grow asparagus, and you can buy it during peak season after consulting the above chart.

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