When is eggplant season?

When is eggplant season?

Eggplant season in the major producing states in America starts in California in May, where it ends in October. New Jersey is the biggest producer in our country, hitting the stores from June to late September. For a more clear idea of the eggplant season in your state, check out the table provided below:

StateEggplants in season
Alabamamid-May till mid-October
AlaskaJuly till September
Arkansasmid-June till mid-October
CaliforniaMay till October
ColoradoJuly till mid-October
Connecticutmid-July till October
DelawareJuly till October
FloridaJanuary till June and November till December
GeorgiaJune till October
HawaiiMarch till June
IdahoJuly till September
IllinoisJune till October
Indianamid-July till mid-September
Iowamid-July till mid-October
Kansasmid-June till October
KentuckyJuly till October
Louisianamid-May till October
Mainemid-July till September
Marylandmid-July till mid-September
MassachusettsJuly till September
Michiganmid-July till mid-October
MinnesotaAugust till September
Mississippimid-June till July
MissouriJune till October
MontanaJuly till mid-October
NebraskaJuly till October
NevadaJune till November
New HampshireAugust till September
New JerseyJuly till mid-October
New MexicoJuly till October
New Yorkmid-August till mid-November
North Carolinamid-June till mid-August
North DakotaJuly till September
OhioJuly till mid-October
OklahomaJuly till mid-October
OregonJuly till October
PennsylvaniaJuly till October
Rhode IslandJuly till October
South CarolinaJune till October
South DakotaJuly till mid-October
TennesseeJuly till September
UtahJuly till mid-October
VermontAugust till October
VirginiaJuly till September
WashingtonJune till November
West VirginiaAugust till October
Wisconsinmid-July till mid-October
WyomingJuly till mid-October

So bright and beautifully dark outside and spongy inside, eggplant is often considered as a vegetable, although it’s a fruit.  Like the tomato, its skin and seeds can be eaten, but it is usually eaten cooked… in the most diverse and yummy ways.

Although having a very particular taste and texture, eggplant is a versatile ingredient that can be prepared and enjoyed in very many ways. You can replace the lasagna blades for a low carb alike pasta dish. You can also stuff it with cuscus, cheese, or minced meat, making a perfect winter meal, or go for traditional middle east dishes like moussaka or lamb stew.

Eggplant health benefits

You have enough reasons to eat this wonderful fruit. It contains tons of minerals and vitamins, while it is also high in fiber and little but low in calories, both of which can help promote weight loss and keep cholesterol levels low. The great part is that you can use it in place of higher-calorie ingredients, making it a perfect ally for your diet. Last but definitely not least, besides containing a good amount of antioxidants, it’s tested to have some chemicals which are used as a cancer treatment.

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