When is raspberry season?

When is raspberry season?

Raspberries are widely produced in the United States. The three major states are California, Oregon, and Washington. Raspberry season in California is long, taking place between May and November. Oregon produces raspberries between June and September and Washington between June and October.

Raspberries are very soft and very very fragile, so it’s better to eat fruits that did not travel that long. Maybe you can go pick them up locally in your area!? Hopefully yes, that can be so much fun too!

If you want to know when are raspberries in season, you can check the following chart.

StateRaspberries in season
Alabamamid-June till mid-September
AlaskaJuly till August
ArizonaMay till mid-June
CaliforniaMay till November
ColoradoJuly till October
Connecticutmid-June till July and September till October
DelawareJuly till September
FloridaJune till August
GeorgiaJune till July
Hawaiimid-May till August
IdahoJune till September
IllinoisJune till September
Indianamid-June till September
IowaJuly till October
KansasJune till mid-November
Kentuckymid-June till mid-October
LouisianaJune till October
Mainemid-July till September
MarylandJune and mid-August till September
MassachusettsJuly till September
MichiganJuly and September
MinnesotaJuly, September
MississippiJune till mid-October
MissouriJune till October
NebraskaJune till August
NevadaJuly till October
New HampshireJuly till September
New JerseyJuly till mid-October
New MexicoAugust till October
New YorkJuly and September till October
North CarolinaJune, September till October
North DakotaJune till September
Ohiomid-June till September
OklahomaJune till October
OregonJune till September
PennsylvaniaJuly till September
Rhode IslandJuly till mid-October
South CarolinaJune till October
South Dakotamid-June till October
TennesseeMay till September
TexasJuly till October
Utahmid-June till mid-September
VermontJuly till October
Virginiamid-June till mid-July and mid-August till October
WashingtonJune till October
West VirginiaAugust till September
WisconsinJune till mid-November
WyomingJune till mid-August

Raspberries are widely grown, but their harvest seasons vary depending on the location, among other factors. For instance, the raspberry season begins as early as February in southern California, Florida and Texas, while it might begin as late as June in the northern parts of the country. States found on the Gulf Coast harvest this fruit from March, while the Deep South and the West Coast do it from April.

The majority of the country shares the raspberry season in May. However, different varieties of raspberries also have different peak seasons. The Summer-bearing varieties bloom in June or late May, while the ever-bearing varieties ripen and are ready for harvest in July or as early as June.

The raspberry season generally runs from May to November, with California, Oregon and Washington experiencing peak harvest. Other states encounter harvest in various months within the same period.

Raspberries are one of the most perishable fruits. It isn’t easy to store them for long or transport them over long distances. It is, therefore, best to eat them seasonally. That is because you are less likely to encounter a spoilt one.

Also, raspberries stop ripening once picked from the tree. Therefore, you cannot pick and ripen them on your kitchen counter. Most raspberries in grocery stores are picked when they are slightly under-ripe and become somewhat sour. Your local farmers’ market is the best place to get fresh, juicy raspberries.

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