When is black-eyed peas season?

When is black-eyed peas season?

Black-eyed peas can be found in most states between June and August. Some states have a longer black-eyed peas season, starting in May and lasting until September o even October.

The largest producer of black-eyed peas in the United States is California, where you can find them from June till September.

Black-eyed peas season table

StateBlack-eyed peas in season
Alabamamid-May till October
ArizonaJuly till September
Arkansasmid-April till mid-July
CaliforniaJune till September
ColoradoJune till July
ConnecticutJune till July
DelawareJune till August
FloridaMay till October
GeorgiaMay till August
IllinoisJune till July
IndianaJune till July
IowaJune till July
KansasJune till July
KentuckyJune till August
LouisianaMay till October
MaineJune till July
Marylandmid-July till August
MassachusettsJune till July
MichiganJune till July
MinnesotaJune till July
Mississippimid-April till September
MissouriJuly till mid-November
MontanaJune till July
NebraskaJune till July
NevadaMay till October
New HampshireJune till July
New JerseyJune till July
New MexicoJune till November
New YorkJune till July
North CarolinaJune till August
OklahomaJune till July
South CarolinaJune till August
TennesseeJune till August
TexasMay till October
UtahJune till August
VermontJune till July
VirginiaJune till August
WashingtonMay till July
West VirginiaJune till August
WisconsinJune till July
WyomingJune till July

Black-eyed peas health benefits

Black-eyed peas are a bush or climbing plant in the legume family. They are an easily digestible protein, which is a great alternative to meat for vegetarians and fasting people. They contain up to 25% protein, which in terms of their nutritional value is not inferior to meat protein. In addition, bean protein is absorbed by 70 – 80%.

Moreover, the plant contains appetite suppressants and also inhibits the absorption of fast carbohydrates, thus reducing the number of calories entering the body.

Black-eyed peas are high in fibre. Plant fibres have a beneficial effect on the state of the digestive system, helping to cleanse the intestines and removing toxins and toxins. It contains a high level of vitamins and minerals. The peas contain many essential nutrients for the body.

How to cook black-eyed peas

Black-eyed peas are found in all cuisines of the world; many dishes are prepared from them: from dietary ones to festive ones.

Before cooking, dry peas are soaked in water for several hours and then boiled for a long time. Canned beans can simplify cooking and shorten the time, while canned beans retain a significant portion of their vitamins and minerals.

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