When is plum season?

When is plum season?

The biggest producer in America is California, where you can get this fruit from May to November. If you want to see when is the plum season in your state, you can have a look at the following chart.

StatePlums in season
AlabamaJuly till August
ArizonaJune till August
ArkansasJune till August
CaliforniaMay till November
ColoradoJune till mid-September
Connecticutmid-July till September
DelawareAugust till September
Floridamid-May till mid-July
GeorgiaJuly till August
Hawaiimid-March till July
IdahoAugust till September
IllinoisJune till October
Indianamid-July till mid-August
IowaJuly till August
Kansasmid-June till mid-November
Marylandmid-July till mid-September
MassachusettsAugust till September
Michiganmid-August till mid-September
MinnesotaJanuary till March and July till December
Mississippimid-May till July
Missourimid-June till October
MontanaJuly till August
NebraskaJuly till August
NevadaJuly till August
New Hampshiremid-July till mid-August
New JerseyJuly till August
New MexicoJuly till September
New YorkJuly till September
North CarolinaJune till August
North DakotaJuly till August
OhioJuly till mid-October
OklahomaMay till July
OregonAugust till September
PennsylvaniaAugust till September
Rhode IslandAugust till mid-October
South CarolinaMay till August
South Dakotamid-September
TennesseeJune till September
TexasMay till September
UtahJuly till October
VermontAugust till September
Virginiamid-July till September
WashingtonAugust till September
West VirginiaJuly till August
WisconsinSeptember till October
WyomingJuly till August

Plums also form part of the stone fruit family. They are among the most prominent members, with more than 300 varieties. The most common species are European (Prune Plums) and Japanese varieties. 

They are grown in California, the country’s largest producer of fruit on a commercial scale. California’s peak season is also a couple of months longer than the average season for most states. 

When are plums in season?

For most states, the season lasts from June to August, while in California, it runs from May to November. Kansas also has a considerably long season, with the onset being mid-June and going on to mid-November. 

Plums are excellent when they are in season. It is, therefore, the best time to spoil yourself with a couple of them. 

In as much as they can be found in grocery stores all year round, most of the exceptional varieties and the sweetest ones can only be found in season. 

Most of the plums found in stores when it is not their peak season are harvested before they ripened and stored under low temperatures to ripen slowly throughout the year. Unfortunately, that does not make the best of fruit.

Plums exist in various colors and shades, making it challenging to identify a ripe one using only color. However, the best plum to eat is usually without any blemishes or wrinkles. The fruit will also be slightly heavier than it looks, and the opposite end of the stem should get softer when pressure is applied gently.

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