When is plum season?

The biggest producer in America is California, where you can get this fruit from May to November. If you want to see when is the plum season in your state, you can have a look at the following chart.

StatePlums in season
AlabamaJuly till August
ArizonaJune till August
ArkansasJune till August
CaliforniaMay till November
ColoradoJune till mid-September
Connecticutmid-July till September
DelawareAugust till September
Floridamid-May till mid-July
GeorgiaJuly till August
Hawaiimid-March till July
IdahoAugust till September
IllinoisJune till October
Indianamid-July till mid-August
IowaJuly till August
Kansasmid-June till mid-November
Marylandmid-July till mid-September
MassachusettsAugust till September
Michiganmid-August till mid-September
MinnesotaJanuary till March and July till December
Mississippimid-May till July
Missourimid-June till October
MontanaJuly till August
NebraskaJuly till August
NevadaJuly till August
New Hampshiremid-July till mid-August
New JerseyJuly till August
New MexicoJuly till September
New YorkJuly till September
North CarolinaJune till August
North DakotaJuly till August
OhioJuly till mid-October
OklahomaMay till July
OregonAugust till September
PennsylvaniaAugust till September
Rhode IslandAugust till mid-October
South CarolinaMay till August
South Dakotamid-September
TennesseeJune till September
TexasMay till September
UtahJuly till October
VermontAugust till September
Virginiamid-July till September
WashingtonAugust till September
West VirginiaJuly till August
WisconsinSeptember till October
WyomingJuly till August

Plums are one of the best fruits to include in our diet. Not only super healthy, but delicious and diverse too. There are very many types of plums and prunes available in stores, so you won’t get bored. Dried prunes are natural medicine for your gut health while they are an easy-to-go snack that you can carry with you in a small box or great to upgrade your dinner if you add them to any meat preparation. I personally love picking plums in the summer. I have the best childhood memories related to plums, my grandma had over ten trees and picking plums was our #1 summer activity, besides preparing kilos of jam to eat throughout the year.

Plums are not only great for your gut health but they are also packed with fiber, nutrients and antioxidants. They are also good to reduce inflammation and keep sugar levels under control. Last but definitely not least, prunes aid bone health which may reduce the risk of osteoporosis because they help to prevent or reverse bone loss.

Want some ideas to include plums in your diet? Besides the very easy plum jam, you can make endless sweet and savory preparations. The most typical one may be the roasted pork tenderloin with fresh plum sauce. If you like chicken you can prepare a pie blending it with plums or if you are into Asian food as we do, you can go for potato plum dumplings. All delicious and nutritious!

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