When is apricot season?

When is apricot season?

The fruit is available in almost all states, the longest apricot season is in Hawaii: from September to March. In other states, apricots are mainly available in the summer months, so consider the May-June period to not miss a dose of healthy fruit.

Have you ever thought that a round velvety yellow-orange fruit can have so many fans and can be so useful? Apricot is loved by many, but few people know how much benefit this sunny fruit can bring to the body.

But before figuring out its benefits and some useful recipes, let’s see when is the apricot season and in which states you can obtain them.

StateApricots in season
AlaskaJuly till August
ArizonaMay till June
CaliforniaMay till July
ColoradoJuly till September
HawaiiJanuary till March and September till December
IowaJuly till mid-August
KansasJune till mid-July
KentuckyJuly till August
MaineJuly till mid-August
MarylandJuly till August
MichiganJuly till mid-August
MissouriJune till mid-July
NebraskaJuly till August
NevadaJune till August
New Hampshiremid-July till August
New MexicoJune till July
North DakotaJuly till August
OklahomaJune till mid-July
OregonJuly till August
Rhode IslandAugust till September
South DakotaJuly till August
TennesseeJuly till August
UtahJuly till mid-September
Vermontmid-July till August
Washingtonmid-June till August
West VirginiaJune till August

Health benefits of apricots

This sun fruit is rich in vitamins, microelements, and other useful substances. Its composition is amazing because one fruit contains a large amount of magnesium, iron, beta-carotene, phosphorus, magnesium, folic acid, sodium, iodine, pectin, and other substances. It contains vitamins – groups B, as well as A, C, E, and H.

Apricot can rightfully be considered a motor for brain activity. It improves memory and is useful especially for those who are engaged in intellectual work.

How to eat apricots 

Apricots spoil quickly. That is why you can save them in a canned way (whole, in halves and cubes, in their juice and syrup), you can press them into juices, and also make wine.

If you like eastern countries’ kitchens, you can use apricots in soups and vegetable dishes, or even meat.

Apricots are one of the few fruits whose seeds are edible. Sometimes they are used for medicinal purposes, for the prevention and treatment of cancer. If you like to eat the seeds, do it sparingly and in small amounts.

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