When is basil season?

When is basil season?

The basil season usually starts in June and ends in September in all US states. In some states the basil season lasts longer, you can find it from May until December in California or between March and November in Florida. In New Mexico and Hawaii, you can find this amazing plant during every season.

Before moving forward with more information about this delicious plant, let´s see its seasonality throughout the United States.

StateBasil in season
AlabamaMay till October
AlaskaJune till October
ArizonaAugust till November
ArkansasMay till October
CaliforniaMay till December
ColoradoJune till September
ConnecticutApril till October
DelawareJuly till September
FloridaMarch till November
GeorgiaMay till September
HawaiiJanuary till December
IdahoMarch till October
IllinoisAugust till October
IndianaJuly till September
IowaJuly till September
Kansasmid-May till October
KentuckyJune till September
LouisianaMay till October
MaineJuly till September
MarylandMay till October
MassachusettsJuly till September
MichiganJuly till September
MinnesotaJuly till September
MississippiMay till October
MissouriJuly till September
MontanaJune till September
NebraskaJuly till September
NevadaMay till October
New HampshireJuly till September
New JerseyJuly till September
New MexicoJanuary till December
New YorkJuly till October
North CarolinaMay till November
North DakotaAugust till September
Ohiomid-July till September
OklahomaJuly till September
OregonJune till November
PennsylvaniaJuly till September
Rhode Islandmid-June till November
South CarolinaMay till September
South DakotaAugust till September
TennesseeMay till November
TexasJune till October
UtahJune till September
VermontJuly till September
VirginiaMay till November
WashingtonJuly till October
West VirginiaJuly till September
WisconsinAugust till September
WyomingJuly till September

Basil is one of the oldest herbs known to mankind and it´s revered for its powerful medicinal properties:

  • Basil contains two important and powerful antioxidants that strengthen the immune system, protect the cellular structure, DNA and slow down the aging process of the skin. 
  • The eugenol in the leaves provides an anti-inflammatory effect in the digestive tract. Basil helps balance the acid in the body. Basil essential oil can help relieve depression and anxiety.  
  • A decoction of basil can also be used as a herbal tea, adding honey to it. You can drink it at night as a sedative.
  • The herb is believed to stimulate hormones responsible for the production of happiness and energy. 

Basil is an aromatic herb that is very popular in cooking. To add aroma and flavor to your dishes:

  • Sprinkle with fresh and chopped basil to cook pizza or pasta before serving;
  • Place the basil leaves on the tomato slices and mozzarella, then drizzle olive oil over the dish;
  • Add basil to soups, tomato sauces, and potatoes;
  • Make a marinade with basil, olive oil, and minced garlic;
  • Add whole, chopped, or torn fresh leaves to salad;
  • Mash lemon with sugar and basil leaves, blue or green, for a refreshing lemonade.
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