Make your own compost

This is my favorite part of gardening. If you like to make the best hummus and natural fertilizer for your garden, composting is the way to go.
You will need to separate the leftovers of your food. You need to choose the veggies and fruits, on the exception of potatoes and citrus. Of course, any grass, leaves or any “waste” of your garden is ideal for your compost too.
The compost is the mixture of organic waste, air and water. This “black gold” will be the food for your soil. You can mix them when preparing the soil or spread it around your plants.
If you have a backyard, make a hole somewhere in the back, as far as possible from the house, because it can get smelly. If far is really far, then choose a place which is far from the house not to get smelly but close by enough to make it comfortable to walk there every other day. Besides throwing your organic waste there, you like to remove it now and then. If you have a dog, you will need to teach it not to go there picking stuff or build a fence around the composting space.
If you don´t have a backyard, you might like to make or purchase a compost container. This is a box that allows air to go through. Again, you like to add your organic waste, make sure it stays humid and fresh and move it now and then.
Worms are a great addition to your compost because they process the elements involved while they make sure there is a lot of air going through all its layers.