Garden further and have fun discovering nature

The first home harvest is very exciting! What nature can make for us is unbelievable, as it is the fact that we are normally not aware of that. When you can experience this at home, you will be thrilled by witnessing what the combination of a little seed in the soil, sun, water and time can make: beautiful and delicious products (which also happen to be healthy food).
Now it’s time to prepare for the next seeding. Of course, you need to move the soil to make it airy and leave it a couple of days open. You can rotate between seasons or you can leave the soil to rest. Some gardeners like to seed and harvest permanently, this means to keep a constant rotation in the same part of the garden. You will see if this is something for you. If this does not look convenient for you (if you like to do it all in one go), then you rotate two or three times a year (and have less variety).
What you surely want to do is to rotate the crops. This means that after cultivating a certain product in a determined space of your garden, you will plant a different one there so that the soil does not get damaged from one plant using always the same nutrients from it. The soil stays healthy by living with different plants.
Make sure you keep track of what happens in your garden! You will like to keep a worksheet printed somewhere easy so that you keep records about each seeding and harvest. This is part of this fun hobby and after a few seasons you will notice patterns and you will learn about natural cycles first hand.