Getting started with your own garden

If you already chose what to plant and how much space you have, it´s time to check the light and soil conditions. If you have a big space and are able to choose which part of your courtyard you like to use for the vegetable garden, pick the sunny side, the sunlight is food for your plants.
If you have a small space, you will use what you have and if you have really small, you can choose the sunny wall for your vertical garden, where you can place a structure of your like to install long pots.
Make sure you have good soil. If you want to go professional, you can get it tested. If you want an easy start (which I guess you do), make sure that it´s healthy soil with enough hummus (this is black, a bit think, airy and has a characteristic smell). If you are working in your backyard, you will need to remove the grass and prepare the soil by moving it several times on the firs centimeters, so that it has good space for the seeds and the growing plants.
The best way to get seeds is the farmers market. If you are a fan of our website, you might be already familiar with them. You can get the right seeds for your area with them or they can guide you to the adequate seeds bank that provides good material for your area.
If you are planting herbs, you need to buy a small plant and continue growing it at home. There are several veggies that you can start from the leftovers of your own organic food, such as pumpkin, paprika or garlic.
Once you place the seeds and cover them with soil, making extended elevated beds, grouping plants of the same type and separating them less than a foot apart, to let the air go through.

You will need to water the garden frequently and remove any type of weed until it´s time to harvest. And enjoy the experience!