Why you should start your own vegetable garden

Starting your own garden shall not demand a huge effort and it’s definitely going to help you release stress. There is some hidden workout in it, so it will improve your health from all sides. No matter the size of your house or your garden, there are very imaginative ways to make a small vertical garden even in a studio.
If you are single, this can be a great homie thing and a great way to root at home. If you live with other people (flatmates, friends or your partner), this can help to bond while having fun in the healthiest way. If you are a family, gardening is a perfect activity to share family time with your kids while they learn about some of the most important topics, as nature cycle and food.

What should I plant?

Before getting started, there are some choices to make.
You need to know which veggies grow in your area, which you can check on our website. You will need to check a plantation calendar and consider which vegetables are good to plant in each period (you will start with those you can already plant and move forward with other types later).
Make a list of those fruits and vegetables that you and your family like to eat, it does not make sense to plant things you don’t like yourself.
Consider the space you have available for your vegetable garden. Too small to garden does not exist. If there is really no space, you can always use the wall to make a vertical garden where you can grow herbs and small vegetables or fruits.

Extra tip: Swiss chard, tomatoes and zucchini work in all gardens.