When are beets in season?

When is beet season?

This full of vitamins and minerals vegetable is one of the essential items in every American kitchen. The beet season is mainly in the July-November period in Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Kentucky, and Maine. In case you want a kilogram of beet in the winter season, go to Arizona, Arkansas, Northern California, and New Mexico. 

StateBeets in season
AlabamaMid-April till Mid-July
AlaskaJuly till November
ArizonaJanuary till March and November till December
ArkansasApril till May, November till December
Northern CaliforniaJanuary till December
Southern CaliforniaJanuary till July and October till December
ColoradoJuly till October
ConnecticutJuly till Mid-October
DelawareJune till December
North FloridaJanuary till April and September till December
South FloridaJanuary till June
GeorgiaApril till June
IdahoJuly till October
IllinoisMay till October
IndianaMid-May till November
IowaJuly till Mid-October
KansasMid-June Mid-July and Mid-September till Mid-October
KentuckyJuly till Mid-October
LouisianaJanuary till May and Mid-October till December
MaineJuly till October
MarylandJuly till Mid-September
MassachusettsMid-May till December
MichiganMid-June and July  till September
MinnesotaJuly till October
MississippiApril till July
MissouriMay till November
MontanaJune till September
NebraskaMay till October
NevadaMay till December
New HampshireJuly till October
New JerseyJune till November
New MexicoJanuary till December
New YorkJune till November
North CarolinaMay till June and October till December
North DakotaJuly till September
OhioJune till September
OklahomaApril till December
OregonJanuary and July till August
PennsylvaniaJune till December
Rhode IslandMid-June and July till November
South CarolinaJanuary till December
South DakotaJune till October
TennesseeJune till November
TexasJanuary till April and October till December
UtahMid-June till September
VermontJuly till November
VirginiaMay till November
WashingtonMid-May till September
West VirginiaAugust till October
WisconsinMid-June and July till October
WyomingMay till October

This vegetable holds the record for the concentration of boron and manganese. In terms of iron content, beets are second only to garlic. These trace elements activate the work of hematopoiesis and regulate metabolism. The betaine found in this root vegetable is involved in the formation of choline, which improves liver function.

Beets are extremely useful for constipation and problems with intestinal flora. Pectin inhibits the activity of putrefactive intestinal bacteria and envelops the inflamed mucous membrane. Beets are rich in organic acids: malic, citric, and tartaric.

Roots and fresh young beet leaves are also eatable. The root vegetable is usually boiled or baked, and salads, soups, and sauerkraut are prepared on its basis. Leaves are added to soups or salads, boiled. Beetroot juice is used as a natural color in sauces.

At any time of the year, it is interesting to experiment with salads, combining boiled and mashed beets with a wide variety of products: herring, chopped nuts, cheeses, prunes, mushrooms, and olives, lemon zest, and juice. Mayonnaise or sour cream is usually used as a dressing. Beets baked in the oven are useful and tasty: before baking, they must be wrapped in several layers of foil.